If you’d like to know what order to read the Dreams of Control books in… well, it mostly isn’t a big deal. However, some of the books do refer to other books and/or characters from other books. So this page will list all the series and any inter-book connections. This information is also present in the book entries on the Dreams of Control wiki, but this will centralize it. Hope this helps!


Series: Lucky Break

Order for reading: His Lucky Break, On a Roll, Double Exposure, Shooting on Location

Series: Hell to Pay

Order for reading: Hell to Pay, Hell to Pay: Halloween Dreams, Hell to Pay: Carnival of Lust

Notes: Stefan, the main character of A Matter of Trust, makes an appearance in Hell to Pay: Halloween Dreams. (So does Cassiopeia, the other main character of that book, but she does not speak and is never named.) The main character of the Hell to Pay series, Simon Marshall, is a magician. The basics of magic use in the Dreams of Control universe are first set forth in A Matter of Trust.

Series: HiddenDepths

Order for reading: Caught in His Web, Today’s Lucky Winner, Kawaii!

Series: Sugar Babies

Order for Reading: Sugar Daddy, Sugar Babies

Note: The will-suppressing drug that Edwin uses in the Sugar Babies books is the same one Dr. Parker, the main character of At His Discretion, invented in that book. While otherwise the stories are not connected, you can learn more about the drug if you read that book first.

External Books:

Note that my book The Reunion may or may not take place in the Dreams of Control¬†universe, but in either event, there is no mind control in it. My book Best In Breed takes place in an alternate universe which is neither ours, nor the Dreams of Control universe. It’s closer to the Dreams of Control universe, though. ;)


Thanks and enjoy!



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