This is the website of Marc Cabot (that’s me!) author of the Dreams of Control erotic mind control series and other erotica.

I started writing fiction years ago because I had stories in my head that wouldn’t let me rest. I hope they do the same for you… in a good way.

Most of my books are set in the “Dreams of Control” universe. It’s not too different from ours – but hypnosis, magic, mad science and more allow erotic mind control of the sort that most people only dream about. In my fantasies, someone will always lose control – because someone else took it.

If erotic mind control interests you, please do check out my “So You’d Like To… Explore Erotic Hypnosis or Mind Control?” Guide on

Random Trivia: I have a really interesting day job which I unfortunately can’t talk about. :) I live in Chicago, Illinois and my interests include psychology, hypnosis/hypnotherapy, BDSM, science, law, philosophy, and blowing things up.

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