MC Storybot Prompt: The Cure for Test Anxiety


A story based on the above story summary created by the MC Storybot ( ). Caution: NSFW. N/C, MD, FD, MF, FM, MM, MF.






“All right, class, that’s the end of today’s lecture… and the end of your first semester here at the Cabot College of Hypnotherapy!”

The woman at the podium beamed at the forty or so students sitting in the lecture hall. She was usually quite warm and engaging, but as she congratulated her students she became even more enthusiastic. Several of the students smiled back at her unconsciously. She got a lot of smiles most days, not only for her friendly and caring attitude, but because her customary simple and professional blazer, blouse and skirt could not entirely hide the fact that she was in excellent shape for a woman in her late fifties. Her hair was an lovely silver and only a few lines disturbed her elegant face with its piercing blue eyes.

“First, congratulations on finishing your first semester. Second, please remember that your final exam for this portion of the curriculum will be Monday the 12th, three days from today.”

Some of the smiling faces sank. Some of the ones which weren’t smiling sank even further. The professor gave the class a sympathetic nod before continuing.

Third, there will be a traditional end-of-semester cocktail party in the main cafeteria at 7 PM. There will be free food and an open bar, including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Attendance is optional, but you are encouraged to attend. I hope to see you there.” With another huge smile, the professor dismissed the class.


“So are you going, Peter?” one of the female students asked the man in the seat next to hers.

“Sure,” he said. “Free food and drink are two of my favorite things. Plus Professor Jameson will be there and it never hurts to be seen. How about you, Mary?”

“I suppose,” said the redheaded woman with an uncertain look. “I mean, you’re right, but I don’t really want to get drunk in front of my professors.” She was apparently oblivious to the interest underlying her fellow student’s question.

“So don’t drink,” he said with a shrug. “We may be in college but it’s not the law or anything thing that we have to get drunk every Friday night.”

“Fine,” she said. “I’m going to take my stuff back to my apartment and then I’ll see you there.” She still sounded a little dubious about the idea. Most of the students at Cabot College lived in cheap apartments just off campus: the College owned the buildings and rented them quite reasonably to enrolled students.

“Great,” he said. “It’s a… I mean I’ll see you there too.” Peter’s face flushed a bit for some reason. Mary, stowing her books in her bag, didn’t see it. “See you later,” he said awkwardly, and they went their separate ways.


A few hours later, Peter was standing at a “bar” which had been set up in the cafeteria for the party. The cafeteria staff was nowhere to be seen: the bar was tended, like the appetizer tables, by professors who had apparently volunteered. Professor Jameson – by far Peter’s favorite professor, and not just because of her PILF vibe – was behind the bar along with a younger male professor, and the Dean himself, laughing and much more casual than usual, was looking after the appetizer table with the assistance of two other instructors.

Peter was casually trying not to watch the door, but brightened immediately when he saw his red-haired classmate walk in. Like him, she was in her early twenties, and attending Cabot College after deciding that a more traditional psychiatrist’s education was too expensive and time-consuming. The College provided accredited education at a very reasonable price, which attracted people in Peter and Mary’s in droves. In some ways it was actually harder to get into than some medical schools or graduate psychology programs.

As Mary looked around, Peter raised his hand and gave her what was obviously meant to be a casual wave. She waved back and walked over to the bar.

“Hi, Peter,” she said in a friendly tone.

“Hi,” he replied. “Glad you could make it.”

Professor Jameson, who’d been chatting with Peter and a few other students, had smiled when she saw Peter’s reaction to Mary, but didn’t say anything. She just said, “Good evening, Ms. Stacy. What can I get you to drink?”

“Just a Coke, please, Professor,” said Mary with a hint of nerves.

“Coming up!” said the smiling bartender. A moment later, she delivered a soda from her very professional bartender’s dispenser.

“Wow,” said Mary. “I’m surprised to see you got a full bar and no bartenders.”

“I tended bar to work my way through college, I’ll have you know,” said the professor in a faux-offended voice. “I know my way around a drink dispenser.”

“Sorry!” said Mary, a little too sharply. “I didn’t mean…”

“It’s all right, Ms. Stacy. Relax.” Mary involuntarily took a deep breath, having been conditioned to respond to the Professor through hours of practical training. “That’s better. Tonight is a night for relaxing. Are you worried about your exam?”

“A little,” said Mary, sounding a bit dazed. The professor’s ‘relax’ had decades of hypnotherapy experience behind it and it was like a sucker-punch directly to the conscious mind.

“Well don’t be,” said the professor, smiling broadly. “You are an excellent student. And you’ll be a wonderful hypnotherapist. Why, Mr. Watson here can barely take his eyes off you!” Professor Jameson’s voice still practically dripped with pleasant feelings, but the slight teasing tone made both of the students tingle a bit without even realizing it.

“Thank you, Professor,” said Mary, blushing and squirming a bit. She didn’t catch, or chose to ignore, the professor’s implication about Peter’s attentions.

As for Peter, he blushed more than a bit. He opened his mouth, but just worked his jaw a bit as if uncertain what to say.

Laughing, the professor moved down to the end of the bar to get another new arrival a fresh drink, leaving Peter and Mary to stare at each other in mutual embarassment.


After an hour or so, there was a nice air of relaxation and many friendly conversations were going on throughout the cafeteria. Professor Jameson and the Dean had made sure that every student had at least one drink and one appetizer apiece. They were very hard to say no to, as one might expect of two experienced hypnotists.

The Dean took a break from the appetizer table and walked over to the bar. He nodded to Professor Jameson and together they walked over to a quiet corner of the room.

“I’ve seen every one of them take at least a bite, Robyn,” he said in a low voice. He was standing directly opposite Jameson, with his back in the corner. No one could have heard them over the chatter of the room, or seen either of their faces. “You?”

“Who could say no to this face, Jonah?” she responded with the same teasing tones she’d used earlier on Peter and Mary. “Each of them has had at least one drink. Several of them gave me a toast. It’s so nice to be appreciated.”

He chuckled. “Well, then, we’re ready.” The two of them walked over to the door where another professor was on greeting duty. “Harry?”

“Nobody’s in the restroom, nobody’s left,” said the thin-faced man, a sharp and eager smile appearing on his face.

“Do it,” said the Dean. He and Professor Jameson walked to the center of the room. Behind them, the door guard stood up and pressed two levers, one on either side of the double entry doors.

An unobtrusive red light came on above them. At the same time, a sound just barely within the range of perception started thrumming through the room. Many of the students looked around, realizing something had changed, but not really able to tell what it was.

After pressing the levers, Harry moved to stand directly in front of the doors. Just then, a student started walking toward them.

“Excuse me, professor,” said the young man, “I just needed to find the restroom.”

“The Dean’s about to say a few words,” said the professor, gesturing toward the Dean. “It’ll just take a moment. He does like to talk. Please stay.” The professor was smiling and looked very sincere. Shrugging, the student walked back toward the group gathering in the middle of the cafeteria.

“Thank you for coming!” said the Dean in a voice which was as friendly and welcoming as it was powerful. “Every year, we have this event for our new students, and every year, you all get more amazing.” A beat. “And younger. I haven’t figured that out yet.”

There was some genuine laughter. Like every instructor at the school, the Dean had years of experience in being engaging, in commanding attention, in creating trust and rapport.

He was very good at it. Even the student who’d needed the facilities was paying full attention. The Dean smiled and continued.

“I know that all students, even students of the hypnotherapy arts, get a little test anxiety. Which is ironic, in a way.” Another pause for laughter. “Someday you’ll be teaching other people how to overcome test anxiety. So pay attention to these feelings, so you can learn how to empathize with them. Everyone, close your eyes and take a deep breath. You know the drill.” There was amusement in his tone and a few more chuckles were audible even as the students complied.

“That’s it… deep breath in… deep breath out… In… out… just like we’ve practiced all semester. Very good. Relax. Now think about your exam on Monday. If you’re anxious, that’s all right. Let that feeling come up. It’s real. Acknowledge it.”

A few students frowned, but they all kept their eyes shut and their breathing regular.

“Good, good. Now I’m going to teach you a new technique. Don’t worry, it won’t be on the test.” Many of the faces in the crowd were already going slack, but a few smiled at this. “We’re going to convert that anxiety. Change it into something more useful, less stressful.” The Dean’s voice was rich, mellow. His cadences followed the natural rhythms of breathing. Every student was enraptured.

“Focus on my voice, and listen, really listen,” said the Dean. “Deep breath in… and out. Listen to my voice and realize that there is another sound behind it, a deep, quiet tone. Almost like a heart… beating. In. Out.”

The students, well-trained by a semester of examples and class participation, breathed exactly as the Dean suggested. And once he had called their attention to it, they all heard the sound that was thrumming through the room. If they had been thinking clearly, they would have wondered how they hadn’t heard it before.

“Wonderful,” the Dean said, his voice deep, slow, but growing louder. “Let that sound pull you deeper… relaxing… and letting that anxiety slowly change and shift inside you. Instead of tension, it’s becoming energy, glowing, warming you inside.”

A few of the students breathed more deeply.

“That energy is flowing up and down your body, through your nerves, warming and filling you. Let it fill you. When you feel it filling you, let your right hand lift up… up…. up… into the air.”

Hands were beginning to lift before he had repeated the word “up” for the second time. In less than a minute, every student’s hand was raised.

“Good, good,” said the Dean again. He was smiling, but his smile looked a lot less… warm… than his voice might suggest. Beside him, the other professors were also smiling. They didn’t look supportive or caring, as they usually did.

They looked… hungry.

“Now that energy will fill your blood, warming, energizing. Your mind will keep relaxing, but your body will feel awake, alert. In fact, it feels good. Very good. That energy is in your blood, flowing into your muscles. And everywhere else. You feel… sensitive. You feel… aroused.”

He paused and looked around. The students were, to a person, breathing heavily, blushing and flushed. Several of them were licking their lips.

“In a moment I’m going to count backwards from ten to one, and as I count, your arms will slowly lower to your sides. As they lower, they will pump more energy into your blood, into your bodies. You will become warmer. More aroused. Take a deep breath innnn…. and ouuuuuut… and think about that.”

The students breathed in and out, following the Dean’s commands. Several of them were now breathing through their mouths, nearly panting. He started to count backwards, voice flowing like honey, words sliding into the minds of the helpless students.

“Ten… and you feel your arm start to relax, that energy pumping through you….”

“Nine… and the energy is making you warmer. You’re so warm now that your clothes are starting to become uncomfortable…”

“Eight… and your hand is definitely starting to lower. Your body is becoming very warm. Your blood is flowing, you are becoming more and more aroused even as your mind sinks deeper into that warmth…”

“Seven… the blood is filled with heat, with energy. You feel like you are starting to sweat, your body is so sensitive, you feel so good…”

“Six… your arm is relaxing, but your body is feeling more and more energized. The arousal keeps growing and growing…”

“Five… halfway down, halfway there, halfway done, You can feel your heart beating. The arousal is filling you… and you realize that it’s… sexual. You felt it all along but now you know, now you feel, you are becoming sexually aroused.”

“Four… the anxiety is gone now, changed to energy, changed to arousal. All that stress has turned to sexual excitement… your body is becoming hungry…”

“Three… And your hand is below your waist now… it wants to reach for that hot, sexual feeling but it’s heavy, it’s so heavy, it pulls down under the weight and the heat…”

“Two… and all that energy has pumped into your blood, heating, exciting. Your mind is being washed away by pleasure and arousal… you want to use it, to feel it, but you are so heaby…”

“And One… Your hands are by your sides, your eyes are shut, your breath is deep and even and even breathing is exciting you… you need sexual release but you can’t move, can only feel…”

The Dean paused and looked around. He could see, under the everyday lighting of the cafeteria, more than one set of erect nipples and more than one suspicious bulge. Every student’s mouth was open and they were breathing heavily. Several were actively sweating.

“Good, perfect,” he said with a smile. “In a moment I will tell you to wake, and when you do, you will be filled with that energy, that heat, and you will be so sexually aroused that you won’t want, won’t need, to think about anything but pleasing and being pleased. You will walk over to the tables against the wall and remove your clothes, putting them in a pile. You will then turn around and stand quietly, thinking of how much you want and need sexual release. You will not speak unless spoken to. You will not move unless I or one of your professors tells you to. You will do whatever I or your professors tells you to. And every single moment, every single breath, your arousal and your need will grow. Take a deep breath and let my words sink into your mind. They are heavy, they sink so deep… and it feels so good…

After the students had each taken a slow, deep breath, the Dean abruptly snapped his fingers. It was like a gunshot in the quiet of the room.


The students all jumped. Their eyes flew open and the looked around in confusion. Then, still looking confused, they began to comply with the Dean’s commands. One by one, they shuffled over to the long tables against the wall. When they arrived, they began to fumble at their clothes.

Meanwhile, the professors had formed a loose line of their own and were watching with great delight. Professor Jameson turned to the Dean and spoke in a low, heated voice.

“Well done as always, Jonah. I didn’t even have any of the drugs in me and I almost walked over to the table.”

He laughed quietly.

“Yes, that was probably just anticipation, Robyn. Don’t think I didn’t see you looking at those two at the bar earlier.”

“They’re so adorable,” she replied. “That awkward little dance they’ve been doing all semester. I can’t tell you how happy I was they both came tonight.”

“Well, not yet,” said the Dean. “But soon.” She laughed, shaking her head.

He looked over and saw that somehow, Peter and Mary had ended up next to each other. The young man might have been a bit shy, but he had nothing to be ashamed of. His body was fit and handsome, and his erect cock was of a respectable size.

Meanwhile, Mary’s pale skin was a bit pinker than usual but absolutely flawless. Her slender body swelled deliciously at the hips. Her breasts were high and firm, capped with small nipples which were every bit as hard as Peter’s cock.

Both of them were staring into nothing, breathing deeply. Sweat was running down Peter’s chest and his cock was bobbing with each breath. Mary’s neatly trimmed pubic hair didn’t reveal it directly, but the Dean was sure that she was already slick and swollen. The chemicals in the drinks and the food, once mixed, never failed. And when certain areas of the brain were acted upon by the pulsing sounds, the trance that resulted, unlike ordinary hypnosis, was quite irresistible.

The Dean turned to the other instructors. “All right, ladies and gentlemen,” he said with a smile. “You all know the rules. No injuring them. Ask about STD’s and act accordingly. Otherwise…”

He took a step back and opened his arms, not unlike a certain magical candy-maker offering a group of delighted guests admission to the very heart of his confectionery kingdom.

“… Enjoy.”

Professor Jameson, moving quickly but not without dignity, was standing in front of Peter and Mary in seconds. “Peter. Mary. Follow me.” She turned around and walked toward a large lounge area, which had couches and chairs much more comfortable than those in the dining part of the cafeteria.

As more than half of the freshman class had attended, there were several students for each instructor, and if anyone envied Jameson her prizes, they didn’t let it bother them. The College’s popularity and exclusiveness allowed a certain… lattitude in selecting incoming students. Somehow, the incoming class each year was surprisingly attractive as a group. None of the other instructors had anything to complain about.

Professor Jameson stood in front of a couch and said, “Peter, sit down.” When he did, she took a moment to look him over, smiling at the sight of his hard shaft standing straight up.

“We have all night,” she said. “But watching the Dean always gets me so worked up. And I’ve gotten very into the whole naughty professor thing.” She laughed.

The professor pulled up her skirt to reveal a pair of barely-there white panties. They were already damp. “Mary, pull my panties off and put them on the sofa.”

With a shudder, Mary stepped in front of the professor and did as she was told. After pulling the underwear over the Professor’s shoes, she laid them on the seat beside Peter and then stood up, staring blankly.

With a look to make sure she knew exactly where Peter was sitting, the professor turned around, skirt still up around her hips, and lowered herself carefully onto his cock. She barely hesitated as he slid up into her.

“Oh, God, I needed that,” she said with a gasp. “Peter, do not come unless I say you can.” She felt him swell within her. Even denied orgasm, being able to obey filled him with pleasure.

She rolled her hips a little to get him as deep inside as she could… which, based on the satisfied moan she let out, was very deep indeed. The professor pulled her skirt up a little more to expose her inner thighs. Squirming, she got herself settled onto Peter’s lap and spread her legs.

Robyn took a moment to look around. Her fellow instructors had each grabbed at least two playthings from the lineup, and were settling down on the other couches and chairs in the lounge area. It was a long-standing joke that if they weren’t afraid of the cleaning staff asking awkward questions, the couches in the lounge should be replaced with hide-a-bed models. But the sofas and thick padded armchairs worked just fine for the annual initiation ceremony.

On the couch across from hers, the Dean was doing something quite similar with his selections. Well, with his own preferences applied, of course. He had picked a short, slender male student and a willowy Asian woman. Professor Jameson rocked back and forth gently on Peter’s lap, biting her lip and breathing deeply, as the woman obeyed the Dean’s directive to lubricate his cock with her mouth.

“It’s so hard… nngh… to be patient…” whispered the professor to herself. “But that’s… oooh! so erotic…” Her voice trailed off as she watched. After a few minutes, the Dean told the woman to stand up and had the male student slide his tight ass down onto his glistening wet dick.

The male student’s cock was throbbing and and angry red, she could see it quite clearly as it started to ooze from its tip. Being penetrated only made him more aroused: a single command allowed him to relax and accept the Dean without the slightest discomfort. Once he was in place, the other student knelt before them and started licking and sucking the Dean’s balls while she gently stroked her fellow student’s cock.

“Oh, I need that,” breathed Professor Jameson. In a slightly louder voice, she said, “Mary, kneel between my thighs. Lick up and down Peter’s cock and my pussy. Be sure to lick my clit nice and hard on every stroke.”

Mary did as she was told and in a few seconds a warm mouth was moving up and down over Peter and Robyn as they joined. The professor gasped as Peter’s dick swelled when Mary’s tongue caressed it. Then she moaned as it slid between her lips and stroked her swollen clit.

In the meantime, the Dean had found a good rhythm and was letting the male student slowly fuck him, while the female worshipped his balls. Robyn could hear skin hitting skin every time the student’s ass hit the Dean’s thighs. Unlike her, he’d taken the time to completely disrobe. The sound made her pussy throb almost as much as Mary’s tongue did.

“The first one… *gasp* …is always quick,” she said in a thick voice. She rolled her hips and savored the thick, hot shaft stretching her pussy. “Mary, suck on my clit. You may touch yourself but don’t make yourself come.”

At once, the young woman’s mouth moved to the professor’s aching clit and she started working it with her mouth. Without even being told, she used the tip of her tongue to rub firmly while she sucked, moving her head in small circles.

“You’ve… ooooooHHHH… done this before, Mary, you are… unnnGH… amazing!” The professor stopped talking and just moaned and gasped and let herself fall into a breathtaking orgasm. She got so wet as she came that she could feel Mary sucking and swallowing. Peter was letting out grunts of helpless pleasure and he felt like a rod of iron pressing every sensitive inch of her inside.

And that sound, those movements, that feeling of control… that made her come so hard she saw stars. Her body shook and she let out low, wordless cries.

Feeling her pleasure, her helpless toys moaned and whined, unable to speak but not capable of being silent.

Finally, she said, “Stop, Mary. Sit up.” As quickly as she had started, Mary pulled back, still fingering herself. Aftershocks sent little flutters through Robyn’s pussy, each one making Peter’s cock throb in response. She leaned back into Peter’s naked chest, breathing heavily.

Professor Jameson gained some semblance of clarity just in time to look over and see the Dean grab the young man’s hips and pull him down hard, obviously pumping him full of his seed. The student’s eyes were shut and his mouth was open in a silent scream of pleasure. The female student was sucking his cock while she caressed the Dean’s balls with both hands. She heard the Dean tell both of them to orgasm and the young woman choked a little, but never lost her rhythm. Her ass was clenched and her back was arching as much as it could while she sucked and stroked and came.

Robyn considered telling Peter to fill her up as well, but she decided she could wait for that. Instead, with a wicked smile she lifted herself off his cock and sat next to him. She was leaning against the arm of the couch, facing her student. His cock was covered with her juices and he whimpered as the pleasure of her warm pussy was removed.

“Mary, straddle Peter’s hips and fuck him. You may come five times. Every time you come, count off. Peter, after she comes the fifth time, you may come inside her.”

Her clit was still throbbing and her fingers had barely reached it before Mary had taken Peter’s dick and was bouncing up and down on it ecstatically. He was leaning forward and licking and sucking her nipples, his hands on her ass, pulling her down with every bounce. Not having been allowed to speak, they were strangely silent, only gasps and moans betraying their arousal.

“One!” said Mary almost immediately. Robyn had some vague idea of trying to match her but she was barely to her first when Mary gasped out “Two!”

Peter was flushed red head to toe. Though his conscious mind was completely shut down, something inside him still knew he was fucking the girl he had lusted after all semester and he clung to her desperately, face between her breasts, hands roaming over her, squeezing, caressing.

“ThreeeeeeeEEEE!” whined Mary. Instead of trying to come again the Professor decided to just enjoy the show. She slid the fingers that were rubbing her clit down and into her pussy, fucking herself slowly.

“FOUR!” Mary was nearly screaming now. Other cries were filling the cafeteria, other helpless playthings being introduced to the incomprehensible mindless pleasure that would claim them all for the rest of the night. But the professor only had eyes for her little lovebirds.

“FI…IIII…HIII…VE!” cried her redheaded toy. Her whole body was shaking. No sooner had she said it than Peter put his hands on her hips and rammed himself into her. He let out a long despairing moan, lost and overwhelmed.

Feeling him come inside her made Mary’s orgasm keep rolling within her. Her head was lolling on her neck and her hands were feebly scrabbling at Peter’s shoulders.

Relax, both of you,” said the professor, her fingers pleasantly filling her aching pussy. “Deep breaths.”

Mary sprawled bonelessly onto Peter’s chest. He released her hips and his hands fell to his sides. Both of them panted, eyes closed.

That was a lovely way to begin the evening,” said the professor throatily. “We’ll catch our breath, and then we’ll do something a little more refined, pets. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

Both of them moaned before replying. Their voices were distant. Mindless. But still oh, so needy.

“Yes, Professor.”

At that, she did come.

And it was good.


“All right, students,” said the Dean, much later. They were cleaned up (well, mostly), dressed, and lined up against the tables again. They still stared into nothingness and the Dean took one last moment to stare hungrily at them.

“In a moment, I will snap my fingers and tell you to ‘return.’ When I do, you will be awake, aware, and alert, but will not remember anything that happened tonight other than a nice evening of talking with your professors and fellow students. If you are capable of becoming pregnant, you will buy and take a morning after pill tomorrow, but you will not remember doing so after you take it. You will obey your professors absolutely from now on, but will not remember doing anything they tell you to do unless you are told to remember.”

He smiled. After all, he’d promised…

“And you will study hard this weekend, come to take your final exam Monday morning, you will be confident and relaxed. You know the material, you worked hard. Any test anxiety is gone and will never bother you again.”

With a practiced *snap,* the Dean said, “Return!”

The students all twitched, the light returning to their eyes.

“Thank you all for coming,” said the Dean smoothly, pulling them out of their confusion and into a script. “Please travel safely going home and we’ll see you on Monday.”

Peter turned to Mary, who was still looking lost. “You okay? Tired?”

She smiled at him. “No, just… it’s been a long day. Walk me to my apartment?”

“Sure,” he said, smiling back. They said a few goodbyes to their classmates, and stopped to thank Professor Jameson for inviting them.

“It was my pleasure,” she said, a grin lighting up her elegant features. “My absolute pleasure.”

For some reason, Peter felt himself shudder. He tried not to stare at the professor as a wave of desire washed over him out of nowhere. Beside him, Mary blushed bright red.

“Good night, you two. Enjoy your weekend.” With that, she shooed them both out the door.

The Dean walked to her side and watched the students leave. “Did you do something naughty, Robyn?” he asked in an amused tone.

“Maybe,” she said with a smile. “Let’s just say those two are too cute not to be together.”

“You little schemer,” he laughed as the last of the students left. “I hope you at least let them study.”

“Oh, they’ll study. They’re good students.” Professor Jameson’s voice was high and noble. “And if on their study breaks, they happen to get up to something wicked, well, they’re adults, aren’t they?”

“They are,” said the Dean. “If they weren’t before they are now. Don’t think I didn’t see you put them through their paces. That was inspired.”

I thought they were inspiring,” she said. “I’m quite looking forward to the cell phone photos.”

This made the Dean laugh even harder. “I never think of that,” he said. “Next semester.”

“Why wait?” asked Professor Jameson.

“You’re right,” he said thoughtfully. “I try to let them have their breaks, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Maybe a little suggestion after the exam.”

“What’s the point of having playthings if you can’t play with them?” said the professor, her voice rich with amusement.

“Good point,” said the Dean. “That reminds me of something.”

“What’s that?” asked Robyn.

“That you were a student here before you were a professor,” he replied. “Student mode, Robyn.”

Professor Jameson’s elegant face went completely slack. Then she looked at the Dean and smiled brightly. In an oddly youthful voice, she said, “Student Robyn, ready for instruction.”

The Dean laughed again. He took Robyn by the hand. “Come with me, Robyn. We have that visiting professor’s apartment in the building down the block. And it’s got a real bed.”

“Yes, Dean,” she said in that youthful voice.

She could already feel the heat building as they walked through the door.

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