Two At One Go!

That’s right, two new books in the past month!

Well, technically three at one go, but one’s a collection and I’m a modest fellow, so it doesn’t really count. :)

The first is Unexpected Development, the last book in the Lucky Break series, which concludes the story of Sean Dunston, amateur photographer and accidental mind controller. It’s by far the longest, hottest book in the Lucky Break series and finishes the the story of Sean and Katrina in a very satisfying way. And for once, everybody gets a happy ending! (Now I have the Christmas episode of Animaniacs in my head. “Chicken Lou, just this once, because it’s Christmas, we’re giving you a happy ending!”) Unexpected Development is not available on Amazon, although you can sideload the book or read it online at Smashwords, or read it on your Barnes and Noble Nook App or iBooks app on any Android or iOS device.

The doesn’t-really-count is Sean’s Big Break, likewise not available on Amazon, which contains the entire collected Lucky Break series at one low price! I’m really pleased with this story, and collected together, it’s basically a novel. You can get it for the ridiculous price of $4.99, which saves you money even if you’ve already bought one or two other books in the series. You can read His Lucky Break for free: if you like that story, you’ll save money (and I’ll actually get a higher royalty) by buying the rest of the series as part of this book. Please check it out!

The second is Stage Show Sunday, the next installment in the Little Black Box series. The mysterious man with the Little Black Box is getting more and more ambitious: this time he’s set himself up as The World’s Greatest Hypnotist and putting on a show at the Silver Sands in fabulous Las Vegas! Hypnotic identity-swapping, out-of-control desires, and a bridal party who never saw it coming make this a very sexy, and in my completely unbiased opinion, very funny story. It’s by far the longest Little Black Box story, and it’s all kinds of fun.

As always, thanks and enjoy!


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