MC Storybot Prompt: The Cure for Test Anxiety

A story based on the above story summary created by the MC Storybot ( ). Caution: NSFW. N/C, MD, FD, MF, FM, MM, MF. 3… 2… 1… Action! ______________________ “All right, class, that’s the end of today’s lecture… and the end of your first semester here at the Cabot College of Hypnotherapy!” The woman at the podium beamed at the forty or so students sitting in the lecture hall. She was usually quite warm and engaging, but as she congratulated her students she became even more enthusiastic. Several of... Read The Rest →

MC Storybot Prompt: I Spy Witch My Little Eyes

A scene based on the above story summary created by the MC Storybot ( ). Caution: NSFW. N/C, FD, FF, FM. 3… 2… 1… Action! __________ In a nondescript office in the nondescript basement of a nondescript building in a nondescript suburb of Washington D.C., four people sat in nondescript chairs. “I have to warn you. You’re the third team we’ve sent,” said a man sitting behind a nondescript desk to the other three, who were facing him. “What happened to the first two?” said one of the three,... Read The Rest →

MC Storybot Prompt: The Nosy Reporter

A scene based on the above story summary created by the MC Storybot ( ). Caution: NSFW. N/C, MD, MF. 3… 2… 1… Action! ______________________ “Professor Carter, thank you for taking the time to speak with me.” Bright blue eyes focused on the quite ordinary-looking man sitting behind a beat-up desk in a cluttered office. A thin row of windows at the top of the office let in a little sunlight, enough to put a little shine in the reporter’s long black hair. But as the university’s Archaeology department... Read The Rest →

Long Time No Post!

Hi there! Having been freed at last from my interdimensional captivity (don’t ask) I am back to entertain and delight you all. New stories will be coming shortly, and I’ve activated a Patreon account with multiple tiers. Good to be back. Hope you’re ready! New Patreon:¬†   MC

Two At One Go!

That’s right, two new books in the past month! Well, technically three at one go, but one’s a collection and I’m a modest fellow, so it doesn’t really count. The first is Unexpected Development, the last book in the Lucky Break series, which concludes the story of Sean Dunston, amateur photographer and accidental mind controller. It’s by far the longest, hottest book in the Lucky Break series and finishes the the story of Sean and Katrina in a very satisfying way. And for once, everybody gets a happy ending! (Now... Read The Rest →

“Freaky Friday” Now Available!


Okay, in retrospect that was kind of a common title, but in any event the latest Little Black Box book is out! This time the mysterious man with the plan is going to a rave, and things are going to get even freakier than usual! Please note that the “Little Black Box” series is the one I use to let my id really run free. While there’s no violence or cruelty, the main character has a mind-control device, he uses it to get a lot of sex, and he has... Read The Rest →

My Books No Longer Available on Kobo

All of my books have been de-listed from Kobo. I made a mistake which resulted in my royalty payment being sent to a non-existent account: that’s on me. However, Kobo has shown absolutely no interest in retrieving the money or assisting me in any way. If they aren’t going to help me, I’m not going to help them, and I urge other authors to consider their apparent indifference to whether an author actually gets paid when deciding where to independently publish their books.

“Massage Monday” Now Available!

Hi, everybody! Long time no erotic mind control! Well, the wait is over. Massage Monday, the second book in the Little Black Box series, is now available. Here’s the back cover text: George Madison is an ordinary guy who just hurt his back a little playing basketball. When the pain just won’t ease up, his sports doctor wants him to try massage therapy. She assures him that it’s entirely legit, but George is nervous about going to a “massage parlor.” It turns out that the lovely massage therapists at the... Read The Rest →

“In His Kiss” now available!

I’m happy to announce that my newest EMC short story, In His Kiss, is now available. (Well, it’s been uploaded to all major etailers, it’ll be up when they get around to it.) Click Here for info or to order!   As always, thanks and enjoy!   Marc

And We’re Live!

All of my books are now up in the catalog, with working buy links. And there are some nifty links to other things on the “Links” page, if you’re done reading all my books. Thanks and enjoy!

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