MC Storybot Prompt: The Nosy Reporter

MC StoryBot Prompt: A professor uses magic jewelry to make a nosy reporter dumb and has them resist just to watch them fail.

MC StoryBot Prompt: A professor uses magic jewelry to make a nosy reporter dumb and has them resist just to watch them fail.

A scene based on the above story summary created by the MC Storybot ( ). Caution: NSFW. N/C, MD, MF.






“Professor Carter, thank you for taking the time to speak with me.”

Bright blue eyes focused on the quite ordinary-looking man sitting behind a beat-up desk in a cluttered office. A thin row of windows at the top of the office let in a little sunlight, enough to put a little shine in the reporter’s long black hair. But as the university’s Archaeology department was, fittingly, in the basement, mostly the office was lit by flickering fluorescent bulbs.

“You’re welcome, Ms. Lang. To be honest, these are just my normal office hours, so I’m glad to speak to anyone who walks through the door, that’s fine. But I’m still not sure why you wanted to speak with me.”

While the professor’s own mild brown eyes had swept up and down her slender form when she entered the office, she was used to that. He was at least keeping them on her face as they talked, which was all she could ask and more than she usually got.

“I’m doing an article on sexual harassment investigations and procedures at colleges,” she said. As expected, his face immediately became guarded.

“Ms. Lang, I know I had some complaints on my record. Obviously you do too, so I won’t bother denying it. But you should also know that all those complaints were withdrawn.” His voice was still pleasant, but now he was looking at her warily. She enjoyed it. Inside, she knew, he was squirming.

“Yes. You had at least three complaints pending at the end of a school year. You left the country for some reason, you came back, and all the complaints were dismissed. I tried to interview the women who…”

He interrupted her.

“How did you know who filed the complaints? Those records are supposed to be sealed and confidential.” His voice was sharper now. She let a faint smile form.

“Let’s just say there were people in the university administration who weren’t very happy that a professor who’d apparently harassed three different students got off scot-free. All the women claimed they’d made a mistake and refused to cooperate. So the dean who was investigating dismissed all the cases. And then she retired. That’s a lot of coincidences at once, don’t you think, Professor?”

“Not at all,” he said, voice still even. “Since I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“All of those women were in your undergraduate class sections, Professor. They all claimed you offered to give them good grades in exchange for sex. You don’t think that’s wrong?” Her own voice was sounding more and more satisfied.

“It would be,” he said, eyes narrowing. “If I’d done it. Which I didn’t. Young people sometimes get attached to professors in their heads. I’m no Indiana Jones, but that girl who made eyes at him? It happens.” He was trying to sound detached, clinical. It wasn’t working. She licked her lips ever so slightly and delighted to see him blush.

“Why would all three of them say it?” she asked. “They were all in different classes. From what I could find out none of them knew each other. But none of them will talk to me. Nor will the dean. Why is that?”

“Because it’s supposed to be confidential,” he snapped. Her smile widened a tiny bit. She had him now.

“Where did you go that summer?” she asked suddenly. “All I could find out was that you left the country. Not even a note on your department’s web page. Did you leave to let the heat die down?”

“Nothing of the kind. I went to Egypt. On a planned expedition,” he said, still sounding irritated. “There was a small dig site, outside the Valley of the Kings. All the important Egyptologists like it there where the big famous stuff is. They couldn’t be bothered with a site in the middle of nowhere.”

For some reason, his expression became milder. The reporter raised her own guard. She wouldn’t let him distract her. But he went on before she could interrupt again.

“Would you like to see an artifact I found?” he asked. “At least that might satisfy you that I did go for a legitimate reason.”

“I thought it was illegal to take things like that out of Egypt,” she said, the smile returning. Now he was a rapist and a tomb robber, if she spun this right.

“I have all the necessary export permits,” he said. “I’ll show you those too.”

He opened a desk drawer and removed a box. Standing, he opened it and took out some papers. He laid them at the edge of the desk. “Here are the permits.”

She glanced at them. They looked like permits. It wasn’t like she could read Arabic. He probably wouldn’t dare show a reporter fake ones.

“Fine. You actually left the country for a real project. That doesn’t…”

He cut her off again.

“At least let me show you the artifact,” he said. “Then I’ll answer any question you can ask me. All right?” He was looking her in the eyes again, one hand on the box.

“Any question I… can ask?” That was odd phrasing. “You’re serious?”

“Absolutely,” he said, a hint of humor in his tone. “I didn’t do anything wrong, so I would anyway, but I do like showing off these pieces. Humor me, and I’ll humor you.”

“All right,” she said. This was getting better and better. His patronizing attempt to distract her with his stolen – whatever the stupid permits said – cultural treasures would just make him look that much more desperate.

Carefully folding the box top out of the way, he withdrew two plastic cases. One had a circlet of some kind in it and the other several metal rings. They did not look very impressive, but he was handling them like they were the crown jewels of some pharaoh or something.

“It turned out,” he said, opening the box with the circlet, “that the dig site was actually a place where the ancient Egyptians – and I’m talking the First Intermediate Period, which was about four thousand years ago – were trying to do some flood control work on the Nile. This was the symbolic headgear of the… well, I guess you’d say the project leader.” He carefully withdrew the circlet and put it on his head, then gave her a smile. “What do you think?”

“I think you shouldn’t be wearing ancient artifacts to try to keep me from asking important questions,” she said, starting to lose patience. The artifacts were boring. They weren’t covered with gold or gems like pictures she’d seen of things from the Valley of the Kings. The circlet had what looked like worn engravings on it, but it was a dull bronze color. Maybe it was bronze.

“Almost done,” he said, still smiling. “As I said, if you humor me, I’ll humor you. Here, try on one of the rings. When else will you get a chance to wear jewelry four thousand years old?” He held up one of the rings from the case and held it out to her.

She saw that the ring was also covered with faint engravings, not that she could read hieroglyphs any better than she could read Arabic. But relating how he was so casual with these important cultural relics would certainly make the reader of the article she was going to write trust him even less. She stood, took it from his outstretched hand and looked at it for a moment before slipping it onto her finger.

The ring seemed too big at first, but when she pressed it down to the bottom of her finger, it fit perfectly. It was surprisingly heavy, and much warmer that it seemed like it should be. She stared at it, bemused, for several moments before Carter’s voice brought her back to reality.

“Lovely,” he said, smiling broadly. “Those were rings worn by the workers to symbolize their submission to the project leader. They were a long way from the Kingdom proper, and it was important to maintain order.”

Shaking her head, she reached down to remove the ring. This little show and tell had gone on long enough. But though it didn’t feel tight, it wouldn’t slide up her finger. She yanked at it for a second before looking at him with an angry expression.

“Professor, the ring won’t come off. This was a foolish thing to do. What if it has to be cut? It will be your fault for trying to impress me. And it didn’t work, by the way. Now will you answer my questions? And then get this…” She held out her hand accusingly. “…Off of me?”

“Of course,” he said. “A deal is a deal. Please sit down, Ms. Lang.”

Her body almost fell back into the chair, she sat down so quickly. She started at the shock of hitting the seat. He sat as well and looked at her expectantly.

“All ri…,” she started to say.

“One more thing, Ms. Lang,” he said, and she stopped talking without thinking about it. “A last detail. For your article.”

The reporter simply nodded, staring at him intently.

“The expedition, as I said, was far out from the Kingdom. The project leader had to keep order. Had to keep the workers focused and obedient, so to speak. The rings were part of that.”

“What do you mean?” she said, more confused than irritated.

“Well, workers who are just digging trenches and carrying rocks and logs for dams all day don’t need to think. In fact, if they started thinking too hard, they might start thinking about a more comfortable place to be. They could have run off. Rebelled. That wouldn’t do. So they had to wear the rings.”

For some reason, her head was starting to throb. It didn’t hurt, exactly, but there was some kind of pressure. It was very distracting. So distracting that she sat there and stared at him for a minute before she realized that it was her turn to talk.

“Why would… why would rings keep them from rebelling?” she asked, her tongue feeling thick.

“Because the rings made it too hard to think. To concentrate. That way, they could just focus on what they were told to do.”

Through the gathering fog in her head, she managed to ask the next question.

“What, they were magic?” Years of practice enabled her to sound disdainful even though her jaw didn’t seem to want to tighten for a proper scoff.

“Yes,” he said cheerfully, not the least affected by her scorn. “Fascinating, isn’t it?”

“It sounds stupid and like some kind of nonsense to keep slaves in line,” she said bluntly. Or at least tried to. The last words were a little slurred. For some reason her mouth was full of saliva.

“If it’s stupid, but it works, it isn’t stupid,” he said in a sing-song voice. It should have outraged her to be spoken to so paternally, but for some reason she just ignored it.

“But, you’ve indulged me, and I’m a man of my word,” he went on. “I’ll answer any question you can ask.” He put one elbow on the arm of his chair and leaned his head into his hand. His fingers idly brushed the circlet, which fit him as perfectly as the ring fit her. It would have confused her, if she had been able to think about it.

Once more, she just stared at him for several moments. The pressure was growing. A heavy silence was filling her head.

“Ms. Lang?” he said, his tone inviting a response.

“Yes? Oh, yes. Questions. I have questions.” She knew she had questions. About… what were they about?

Through the fog, she realized something was very wrong. She always had questions. But she couldn’t think of any. They wouldn’t come.

“Tell you what,” he said, noting her expression of faint alarm. “I’ll answer the question I think you wanted to ask, okay?”

She just nodded. He had a very nice voice. Soothing. Answers were soothing. Answers in his voice. That sounded right. She wanted that.

“I really did not do anything to those students,” he said. “One of them had a crush on me and didn’t like me saying no. One of them really was angling for better grades and I told her no. And the third one was failing my class and found out there were other complaints somehow so she figured she’d get in on the deal. A whole lot of bad coincidences at once. You believe me, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she managed to say, nodding her head slowly. Her mouth wouldn’t quite close after she spoke.

“It did look pretty bad. And the dean does love her crusades. Well, she did. But she couldn’t stop me leaving for the dig, the money’d been spent. And all of the students were freshmen. Plenty of time to drag me over the coals when I came back. In fact, she told me that she hoped it would hang over my head the whole time I was gone.” He shook his head sadly. “That woman is just hateful.”

“I… she…” When he paused, she tried to ask him a question. This didn’t feel right. This… this was what she expected him to say. A bunch of bullshit to deny the harassment, that’s what they always did. But somehow… she believed him.

“What’s that?” he said. “A question? I did promise. Ask me a question. I’ll answer it. In fact…”

He stood and walked around the desk. He sat down on the edge, facing her. She just stared up at him. Now what was he up to?

“If you can ask me just one question, I’ll answer it, and I’ll take that ring off you. But if you can’t, that means you were just wasting my time, and you’ll have to compensate me. I think that’s fair.”

She looked up at him, her head swaying. Questions. The answers weren’t even important, just that she asked the questions. She opened her mouth.

He reached up and brushed the circlet with his fingers again. The heaviness… expanded… in her head. Her tongue stilled before she could so much as form a word. Somewhere far away she thought she felt some of that thick saliva starting to run down her chin. It seemed like it should bother her for some reason. But it didn’t.

Nothing did. It felt… nice.

“One more time,” he said. “Last chance. Show me you really did come her to find out something, Ms. Lang. Or I’ll have to ask you to make it up to me. My time is important to me, even if it’s not to you.” He sounded rather put-upon.

“I want…” she said, that strange feeling of warmth on her chin growing as she moved her jaw. “I… you… why…” She coughed. Her mouth was full of spit. She had to swallow before she choked. By the time she got her breathing straightened out, the question she’d fought so hard to speak was gone.

“I see,” he said, no longer amused or put-upon, but… firm. Like… like an angry teacher. Why was he angry? She couldn’t remember. Why couldn’t she remember?

He got up and closed the office door. She heard a click as he turned the privacy bolt. Her heart started to pound in her chest. This wasn’t right. He shouldn’t be doing that. Why wasn’t she saying anything?

He sat back down on the edge of the desk. She looked up at him, eyes a bit heavy. For some reason the disappointment on his face made her feel bad. It should have made her angry. She knew that. But she didn’t know why.

“All right, Lucy,” he said, shaking his head and pursing his lips.

Wait. Why was he calling her Lucy? Shouldn’t he be calling her something else? She almost had it, but then he spoke again.

“You’ve wasted my time and I think you never really had any questions. You just wanted to get me to say something, anything, so you could use it to write a nasty story about me, isn’t that right?”

She nodded. That was right. Mostly. She did do that a lot. She realized that now.

“You were going to make me look like a sexual harasser, weren’t you? Even maybe a rapist, if you could get away with it. Tell the truth, now.”

She nodded again, harder. Her head was so heavy. But she had to tell the truth. She didn’t want to. Why didn’t she want to? It was the truth.

“Well then,” he said thoughtfully. “The punishment should fit the crime. So how about you give me a blowjob, and we’ll call it even?”

She blinked. This request was so shocking that it pushed away a little of the heaviness. She worked her jaw again, suddenly much more aware that she was… drooling. She tried to lift her hand to wipe her face but the weight of the ring made her miss her chin by several inches. Before she could protest, he spoke again.

“That’s enough argument, Lucy,” he said firmly. “You are going to suck my cock and swallow my come as payment for wasting my time. Give me one good reason why you shouldn’t.”

An image of his penis in her mouth, spurting nasty cum onto her tongue, made her adrenaline surge and the heaviness pushed back further.

“Because… because ” it was right there. Right there. She knew this wasn’t right. But it just wouldn’t… she couldn’t…

The surge of emotion faded, and she realized she was staring at him with her mouth open again.

“Didn’t think so,” he said. “Not one good reason. You aren’t so smart as you think you are, obviously. So sucking my cock it is.”

Carter stood up, undid his pants, and let them fall to his ankles. His boxers were hung up on an obvious erection. She watched in numb silence as he put his thumbs in the waist of them and pushed them down as well. His hard cock bounced in the air and she watched, head moving up and down in unconscious time with it.

He sat back down on the edge of the desk, shifting slightly to settle his weight.

“You’ll need to be quick” he said in that firm tone. “This desk isn’t very comfortable. Roll the chair over here and get to work.”

Lucy’s heels pressed into the floor and the chair rolled forward without her realizing what was happening. Her brain was swimming in jello but her body snapped right to attention when Carter told her to do something. Nothing seemed right. It was all wrong. She struggled to concentrate. To work it out. Why was it wrong? Why was she doing it if it was wrong? It didn’t… she couldn’t…

A strange slippery cool feeling on her chin and an odd sensation on her tongue made her realize that while she’d been trying to get her thoughts to move again, she’d slipped Carter’s hard cock into her mouth and drool was running down her face and onto her shirt. That felt wrong too. There was a soft heat in her cheeks. Was she embarrassed? Why? What was…

“I said suck it, not hold it in your mouth like a lollypop,” he said impatiently. “Suck it properly. Use your tongue, too.” He shifted on the desk and more of his cock slid into her mouth. Another little surge of drool ran down her chin before her lips clamped down of their own accord and she started sucking like her life depended on it. In the same moment, her tongue, moving all by itself, started massaging the tip of his dick.

She swallowed and cleared the worst of the saliva out of her mouth. Now she could taste him, smell a faint scent of musk. It was… nice. She knew, like she knew those other things, that she shouldn’t like this. But it was nice. He made a little sound of pleasure and she actually smiled a tiny bit. Her tongue moved faster, rubbing the bottom of his shaft.

“Much better,” he said, and the words of approval made her smile a little bit more. She leaned forward and more of his length slid between her lips. This got her another, louder response and her head moved back and forth, lips sucking tight.

“Very good, Lucy,” he said, voice low and urgent. “Isn’t this more fun than asking silly questions?”

She nodded, head still bobbing. It was. It was much more fun. She felt more relaxed than she had in… well, a long time. She couldn’t remember much before coming into his office, but somehow she knew that.

“Good girl. Making others feel nice is much better than making them feel bad, isn’t it?”

She nodded again, smiling broadly now, or at least as broadly as she could around the mouthful of cock. There was an unfamiliar, faintly salty taste in her mouth now. She’d seen videos of women doing this degrading… this delightful thing before, but she never had. The smells and tastes weren’t nearly as bad as she would have expected.

In fact, they were… nice.

She stole a peek upward and saw him looking down at her. He smiled and put his fingers on the circlet again.

A flood of warmth flowed through her body.

The reporter, her head never slowing, shuddered at the feeling of tingling warmth sweeping over her. Her nipples tingled and between her legs there was a faint throbbing. Not enough to distract her, not exactly. But it very much reinforced the feeling that what she was doing was very, very pleasant.

Her head started to move a tiny bit quicker and Carter gasped. A second wave of pleasure flowed through her. Lucy hummed with satisfaction and felt his cock twitch in her mouth at the sensation.

“Excellent Lucy, much better. You’re a natural. Of course, I’m helping. Turns out that the circlet can give… feedback, of a kind. Every time you do something I like you feel good and and every time you feel good you do something I like. It’s a kind of conditioning.”

He laughed, and though she didn’t stop or even so much as hesitate, the feeling that went down her spine wasn’t warm. It was cold.

“In fact, if I wanted to, I could keep you like this forever. Just a machine looking to give pleasure to get pleasure. Drooling…” He reached down and rubbed his fingers over her slick chin. She moaned at the touch. “… like one of Pavlov’s dogs.”

Way down deep beneath she knew this should have terrified her, but the warm heavy soft feelings in her head wouldn’t let her be scared. It just sounded… nice.

“But I won’t,” he said, voice becoming lighter. “Too much bother. Things to do. So we’ll just finish up here and you’ll be on your way.”

That tiny voice somewhere down beneath was trying to scream but this calmed it enough for the nice heavy soft warm feelings to surprise and overwhelm it and carry it to sleep. Which would have scared her even more if there had been anything left besides the nice smooth soft warm hard cock in her mouth and the waves of warm soft smooth pleasure flowing over through around her.

He put his hands on her head and gently but firmly pulled her onto his cock. The tip brushed the back of her throat and she coughed, but didn’t gag. She couldn’t gag. Instead she swallowed and felt it against him and he groaned and then she felt saliva and something else, salty and a little bitter but hot and somehow delicious, filling her mouth and running over her lips even as she tried to keep the suction just right, just so, swallowing, sucking, licking, oh it was so…


Something like an orgasm but slower and softer and harder and more filling washed over her whole body as he thrust into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could and reached up unknowing with one hand and rubbed the fluid flowing between her lips all over her cheeks as the last of his cum spurted into the back of her mouth.

Eventually he held her head still, not that it was hard, when he wanted it, her body froze like a stone sculpture in an ancient tomb. She felt like she could sit there for a thousand years, breathing slowly through her nose, gently nuzzling his softening penis. After a few minutes or a few hours or a few days she didn’t know and didn’t care he slipped it out and sat up.

“I think we’re even now, Lucy. And you’re not going to do this again, are you?” He looked at her with a pleased grin and a soft wave of warmth, much dimmer but still lovely, filled her.

“Nghhh…” She had to swallow. Now that she wasn’t concentrating and swallowing her mouth was filling with saliva again. “No. No, I won’t.” Her voice was distant, dreamy.

“Good girl.” She shivered. “Now, in a second, I’m going to take that ring off you, and you’re going to forget what happened here. You’ll just remember that after talking to me, you realized that those students really were wrong, and I didn’t do anything. After this, you won’t accuse people of things unless you have a good reason. And you’ll be a little nicer. To everyone. Understand?”

“I… understand,” she said softly. Of course she would. He wanted it. It would make him happy. Making him happy made her happy.

He stood up and pulled his pants back into place. “That’s wonderful. Give me your hand.” She reached up the hand with the ring and he slipped the ring off as if it were greased. A strange feeling made her whole body shiver for a second. The heaviness slowly began to disperse. By the time her brain was back up to speed, he was sitting behind his desk looking at her inquisitively.

“Is that all you wanted, Ms. Lang?” His voice was polite and friendly, and she nodded in agreement before she even realized what she was agreeing to.

“I… yes. Thank you, professor. Sorry to take up your time.” She wasn’t sure why she was apologizing. But it felt like she’d done something wrong. Apologizing felt… right.

“My pleasure, Ms. Lang. Thank you for hearing my side of the story.” He stood and held out his hand. Reflexively, she stood as well and they shook hands. His touch made her quiver, though she didn’t know why.

“You’re welcome, Professor. Have a nice afternoon.” Paying no attention to the papers and other things cluttering his desk, she said goodbye and left.

On the way to her car, two things nagged at her until she consciously acknowledged them. First, there was a very odd taste in her mouth, but something about it was strangely pleasant. She kept working her tongue and swallowing until it was entirely gone. Second, she felt good. Better than she had for… well, a long time.

In fact, she had the strangest urge to be nice to people. To try to make them smile. That sounded really good for some reason. After all, she wasn’t totally self-absorbed. She was quite aware that she was very abrasive a lot of the time. Even when people didn’t deserve it. Like to her boss, Clark. He was so mild-mannered it was like he almost wasn’t even human, but sometimes her general distaste for men spilled over onto him anyway.

I should do something nice for him, she thought to herself.

She ran her tongue over her lips. That faint unfamiliar flavor lingered. She licked at them, capturing the last little bit of it.

Yes. Something… really nice.

She smiled all the way back to her office.


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