Here are some links for your entertainment. We’re assuming you’ve already bought and read all our books. If you haven’t, maybe you have more important things you should be doing. Right? Right.

The Erotic Mind Control Story Archive

Simon Bar Sinister is one of the Grand Old Men of the erotic mind control community. Without his site, lots of great authors wouldn’t have gotten their starts and a lot of great people would not have found a community and a home.

MC Forum

This is the largest erotic mind control discussion forum on the Web. With discussions about everything under the sun – including lots of experienced writers and trained Hypnotists – there’s something for almost any EMC fan.

Daphne’s Fantasies

Daphne, beloved hostess of Mind Control Theatre and Mind Control Comics, sells erotic mind control movies which cater to many different tastes.

Chuck Wendig at TerribleMinds

Chuck’s site will probably look familiar. :) Not only did his site design inspire us to get ours whipped into shape, his blog is aces and his awesome Blackbirds series about the awesome Miriam Black is awesome. Check it out.

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