New Author L. Nightingale and Her Debut “Nursing for the Billionaire!”

Unspeakable Publications is pleased, and proud, to announce the debut of our new author, L. Nightingale. While Ms. Nightingale is quite the shadowy figure, her debut novella, Nursing for the Billionaire, is in-your-face erotic!

Thomas Falcon, CEO and majority shareholder of Falcon Enterprises, has a secret. It’s not like the secret billionaire businessmen usually keep. It’s much, much deeper. A rare medical condition requires him to drink breast milk - fresh breast milk – in order to stay alive. A man with an empire to run can’t go into a clinic every day, so Falcon finds his own solution. Namely, Anne Herndon, his own private donor. Anne lactates when she gets turned on… and unbeknownst to her handsome boss, all she has to do is think about him and the milk starts to flow. He stars in the fantasies she needs to keep her breasts producing, and they get wilder every night.

But Falcon’s all business. As they travel around the world and Anne finds herself more and more lustful for Falcon, eventually the secret will out. And then the sparks will really fly!

Buy this book (or borrow it from Kindle Unlimited for free!) at here:

Cover of “Nursing for the Billionaire,” by L. Nightingale.

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