And We’re Back!

Hi there! Our fearless leader having been freed at last from his interdimensional captivity (don’t ask) we areback to entertain and delight you all. New stories will be coming shortly, and we’ve activated a Patreon account with multiple tiers. Good to be back. Hope you’re ready! New Patreon:  

New Author L. Nightingale and Her Debut “Nursing for the Billionaire!”

Unspeakable Publications is pleased, and proud, to announce the debut of our new author, L. Nightingale. While Ms. Nightingale is quite the shadowy figure, her debut novella, Nursing for the Billionaire, is in-your-face erotic! Thomas Falcon, CEO and majority shareholder of Falcon Enterprises, has a secret. It’s not like the secret billionaire businessmen usually keep. It’s much, much deeper. A rare medical condition requires him to drink breast milk - fresh breast milk – in order to stay alive. A man with an empire to run can’t go into a clinic every day, so... Read The Rest →

Two New Dreams of Control Books!

That’s right, two new books in the past month! Well, technically three, but one’s a collection, so we won’t count that. The first is Unexpected Development, the last book in the Lucky Break series, which concludes the story of Sean Dunston, amateur photographer and accidental mind controller. It’s by far the longest, hottest book in the Lucky Break series and finishes the the story of Sean and Katrina in a very satisfying way. And for once, everybody gets a happy ending! Unexpected Development is not available on Amazon, although you can... Read The Rest →

“Freaky Friday” by Marc Cabot Now Available!


Link: Back cover text: The mysterious man with the little black box is back, and this time he’s visiting the best Friday night rave in town, affectionately know as “Freaky Friday” by the people who go there to dance the night away. Abba, the tightest little ravergirl in the club, loves the flashing lights he’s got in his clothes to make the rave a little more trippy, and when he shows her the Little Black Box, she’s just blown away. Soon more and more people are experiencing the Little... Read The Rest →

Unspeakable Publications Books No Longer Available on Kobo

All of our books have been de-listed from Kobo. We made a mistake which resulted in royalty payment being sent to a non-existent account: that’s on us. However, Kobo has shown absolutely no interest in retrieving the money or assisting us in any way. If they aren’t going to help us, we’re not going to help them, and we urge other authors to consider their apparent indifference to whether an author actually gets paid when deciding where to independently publish their books.

“Massage Monday” by Marc Cabot – Now Available!

Massage Monday, the second book in the Little Black Box series, is now available. Here’s the back cover text: George Madison is an ordinary guy who just hurt his back a little playing basketball. When the pain just won’t ease up, his sports doctor wants him to try massage therapy. She assures him that it’s entirely legit, but George is nervous about going to a “massage parlor.” It turns out that the lovely massage therapists at the clinic are completely professional. One of George’s fellow patients goes out of his... Read The Rest →

All Moved In!

Our spiffy new WordPress site is up and running! Thanks to Chuck Wendig and for inspiration,  even though they didn’t do it on purpose. Every book in the Unspeakable Publications catalog now has its very own page with buy links to the four major e-tailers where we publish. Our books are also available on iTunes books as well as Diesel, Eros Ebooks, and many more. Seek, and ye shall find! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be putting in comments on the individual titles as well as reviews and…... Read The Rest →

We’ve Moved!

Please pardon our dust – Unspeakable Publications has moved to a new host and should be fully functional shortly. In the meantime, search for us on Amazon and other fine e-publishing sites for unspeakable erotic delights!

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