Unspeakable Publications Books No Longer Available on Kobo

All of our books have been de-listed from Kobo. We made a mistake which resulted in royalty payment being sent to a non-existent account: that’s on us. However, Kobo has shown absolutely no interest in retrieving the money or assisting us in any way. If they aren’t going to help us, we’re not going to help them, and we urge other authors to consider their apparent indifference to whether an author actually gets paid when deciding where to independently publish their books.

“Massage Monday” by Marc Cabot – Now Available!

Massage Monday, the second book in the Little Black Box series, is now available. Here’s the back cover text: George Madison is an ordinary guy who just hurt his back a little playing basketball. When the pain just won’t ease up, his sports doctor wants him to try massage therapy. She assures him that it’s entirely legit, but George is nervous about going to a “massage parlor.” It turns out that the lovely massage therapists at the clinic are completely professional. One of George’s fellow patients goes out of his... Read The Rest →

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