And We’re Back!

Hi there! Our fearless leader having been freed at last from his interdimensional captivity (don’t ask) we areback to entertain and delight you all. New stories will be coming shortly, and we’ve activated a Patreon account with multiple tiers. Good to be back. Hope you’re ready! New Patreon:¬†  

All Moved In!

Our spiffy new WordPress site is up and running! Thanks to Chuck Wendig and for inspiration, ¬†even though they didn’t do it on purpose. Every book in the Unspeakable Publications catalog now has its very own page with buy links to the four major e-tailers where we publish. Our books are also available on iTunes books as well as Diesel, Eros Ebooks, and many more. Seek, and ye shall find! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be putting in comments on the individual titles as well as reviews and…... Read The Rest →

We’ve Moved!

Please pardon our dust – Unspeakable Publications has moved to a new host and should be fully functional shortly. In the meantime, search for us on Amazon and other fine e-publishing sites for unspeakable erotic delights!

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